O-bam-a question or two for you?

Written by: Richard J. Long

O- bam-a lot of people are unemployed.
How can you destroy this annoying factoid?

O- bam-a country is still at war.
Does this help any of the millions who are poor?

O-bam-a time to give everyone money.
Why can’t a hardworking man give a gift to his honey?

O-bam-a dispute with a cop.
Will you have a beer with me if I flop onto a chopping block?

O-bam-a change in health care is a buzzing bee.
What price will it ultimately be?

O-bam-a shot to stop the swine.
Is there enough to halt progress to yours or mine?

O-bam-a partie's glimmering success.
Does it eliminate this countries enduring distress?

Richard J. Long, November 2009