The Best Safety Net In The World

Written by: Jo Hayton

I carried you
Now we hold your hand
As you seek the world
To know your name

Our beautiful little girl
Bore from a love
Too beautiful to define
Too difficult to explain

Your adoring blue eyes
The face of your father
Smiles out
Always ready to shine

Your curiosity and confidence
Your fun and your laughter
Is like heaven on earth
Every day, all the time

I see your urge to grow
Each new day 
Those sleepy eyes
Greet me with your smile

I kiss you tenderly
But know your tiny feet
Don't care about age
You want to run a thousand miles

Run darling
Let your tiny feet
Do all their exploring
But know that this will be true

You have the best
Safety net in the whole wide world
Your Mummy and Daddy
And we'll always be there to catch you....