Brick after Brick

Written by: regina branham

Brick after Brick
Imported and plastered with
paste made from tasteless
waste; words of scorn

Day after sun-baked day 
dried and hardened, 
trusted to hold 
this tower of insecurities; 
behind the wall, 
that you have built

A strong foundation; certain
to withstand the brick's
weight of prided mistrust
and others which you
hold strong to

No planned windows,
designs of doors... 
safe and secure from those 
that may seek entrance 
of such a guarded place

Even the unexpected crispness 
of the cool evening breeze 
is left to wail outside 
persuading fresh air 
be allowed in

An unseen force,
guided by the subconscious;
so subtle, yet determined 
knocks loose a precious brick 
secured within
its boundary of fear

Squinting, as the blinding sun 
creeps in and takes over 
the dark places that hide
you from life

Brick after Brick
Building you up 
tearing down your once
precious wall