Among The Neanderthal Part 1

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

If time travel were possible, 
the period I would want to visit most of all 
would be that time long ago, 
when Europe was covered with snow. 
When we walked Among the Neanderthal. 
Two different species of human, 
but still very much the same. 
Our common ancestor evolved differently 
due to climate and terrain. 
Homo Heidelbergensis emerged out of Africa 
into Europe and Western Asia, 
but then the  ice age came and the species became segregated 
due to vast deserts, seas and glacier. 
The ice age gripped Northern Europe. 
Polar conditions were most of the continent. 
Homo Heidelbergensis then evolved into the cold adapted Neanderthal 
and became Europe's only human resident. 
The Neanderthals were territorial and they lived in small family clans. 
Limestone caves provided most with shelter, 
it was a limited resource upon this frozen land. 
The caves the Neanderthals lived in were the center of the Neanderthal’s universe. 
Within the cave walls, the Neanderthals would bury their dead and give birth. 
Within the cave walls they would eat, they would sleep. 
Within the cave walls they would butcher their meat. 
Within the cave walls they would groom, they would mate. 
Within the cave walls they would even defecate. 
Within the cave walls was the safest place to be. 
Outside was the harshest climate known to humanity, 
in an unforgiving terrain filled with wild animals stalking them, 
as well as Neanderthal males stalking other clan’s women. 
Neanderthal clans did not interact with each other at all 
and this was perhaps their biggest and greatest downfall. 
Limited contact meant limited viewpoints and limited exchanges of ideas, 
and so the Neanderthal's limited survival techniques 
remained the same throughout their years, 
But meanwhile, 
back in sub tropical Africa, somewhat simultaneously, 
Homo Heidelbergensis evolved into a warm adapted human. 
Homo sapiens, Us, You and Me, 
As the climate grew warmer we too migrated up north 
into the Neanderthal’s stronghold. 
Neanderthal extinction was about to come forth. 
Within a few thousand years, the Neanderthal ceased to exist. 
The small size of their clans made them vulnerable. 
They couldn't confront or protect or resist.

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