Mistletoe Mishap

Written by: Milton Toran

Such a gorgeous peach is she,
With luscious eyes fixed on me!

Skin so fair, lips full and red,
Somebody slap me, I can't be dead!

She's headin' this way, with mistletoe in hand,
I'm all yours baby, I wanna be your man!

I'm gettin' pretty nervous, about to drop my cup,
She grabs me by the shirt & says,..."Get ready, pucker up!"

My heart skips a beat, it sings a new song,
She sticks out her tongue, damn, it's awful long!

She's not a good kisser, how bad is it gonna get?
Somebody bring a bib, my shirt's sloppy wet!

I wake up in my bed, after sleepin' like a log,
Would you believe, I was kissin' my dog?!