The Gift

Written by: Janette Fisher

My family had always told me
About ‘our gift’ since I was a small girl
That allowed us to feel the spiritual,
And see things not of this world

I ignored them until, at the age of sixteen
I’d gone out with a friend for the night,
We were being walked home by her father
When we encountered an unusual sight

As we giddily ambled along a dark road
A cloaked woman came into view
She drew closer, until we met face to face 
Then she spookily walked straight through

My friend’s father, who seemed oblivious to this
And continued to walk on home
As he said nothing, and nor did my friend
I was sure the sighting had been mine alone

But I asked them both if they’d seen her
They said that I’d had too much drink,
‘She sees spirits as well as drinks them’
My friend’s father said, with a wink

We never spoke of that night again
But that sighting wasn’t my last
I’ve had more ‘paranormal’ experiences
As I’ve grown and years have gone past

I just have to step into old buildings
To feel a ‘vibe’ and become aware
Of the energy held within its walls, 
And tell if ‘spirits’ walk there

When I visit an ancient monument 
That is surrounded by fields of war,
I can hear the sounds of the battles
And cries of those who have gone before

Sometimes it can be disconcerting
As bad energy can be a pain
But I wouldn’t be without my special ‘gift’
Or change my life with the unexplained.

This poem has been written for Danielle Whites 'Time Warp' contest