Living pictures

Written by: isa mahrie

Gentle disguise and decorated smiles
Living pictures
numerous seeking reliefs

Silhouettes on the hall of fame
Red carpets
Royal blood seal of mystery
Kings and queens congratulation
The new highway
Its written
Alley of pain

Spieling blood on presidential suite
Drawing letters Using Tiberius canvas
Shadows of darken humanity scream in pain
A glass of red wine year 999
Awaits in line hoping all be fine
Healer of souls...

Gentle whisper What is life …?
Smile java eyes
Guided to a world of a relief pain
For a moment I tasted life!

Again who is to be blame?
Playing our Lunatic game
Explaining in painted worlds

Awake tonight
Forgive me Omnipotent
Remind us to our oaths

Seize the word of pain
Change our world
If fail….
Place an idol govern this world! 

Sep 10 - 09

Isa Mahrie