Destination and Route

Written by: Mehak Kawatra

Its hardly ever about whats at the end, 
It's the journey that really counts.
No, I'm not worried about the finishing, 
for what I care about are the colors I use in my painting,
and the way i curve my brush, over my canvas.
I worry more about my now, 
then i ever will the time i die,
for i have too much to think about, 
and to little time to cry.
It may be long, but the end isn't far,
if i set my mind,
then what is only left, 
is to reach out my aching hand. 
I need to stay grounded, 
along the fence of my possibilities,
and be strong and true to where i stand,
and only then, 
will the door unlock itself,
and show me, the fruit of my effort.
It's what I give in, and how i much i do,
making the difference.
It's not the dreams, and fantasies,
lingering aimless in my head,
that will make the change,
that i strive for.
I know,
that in the distance of time,
is the route and the path that i choose,
that will get me to my ultimate desitination;
a place, where i have no more and nothing to lose.