Written by: Michael Poyntz

How do butterflies
learn to fly 
so far and so high
is it by their mother’s side
as she whispers 
fly just like me

do butterflies have  
a secret friend
like the  magic elephant
who lives under my bed
 and plays in the dark
talking only with me 

do butterflies fingerpaint 
with the colours of the rainbow
can they swim under  the sea
            and play  hide and seek
for ever and ever
with their best friends

do butterflies make wishes
upon their favorite  star 
 in the midnight  sky
do they have to brush their teeth
				and  have to take
a nap at three
	            do  butterflies have a map
             to find their way home 
 after flying here and there 
 all day long
 do they have to eat broccoli
                                like me