Written by: Michael Poyntz

I will miss you 
and all of the times
your arms shielded me
from all of harms way
you've moved on
to that someone else
I could never ever be
all I have left is 
everything I was never sure of 
and you have become
a forgotten invisible memory
you were just someone
I thought I knew
you will miss me
and all of my sweet kisses
offered up so hungrily
when you were lost and empty
you will never again know
the sanctuary of my lips

I’m moving on
out of your shadow
to become who 
I know how to be
we will  miss each other 
and every single heartbeat
we will never share again
those days and dreams
have faded to darkness
as a dying spotlight
goes from light to black
you slept so easily
within my heartbeat
as the dawn greets the morning
I thought we would always be
you are just someone I used to know 
all you have left is my legacy
a love that was the best of me
I am just someone
you never knew