Written by: Michael Poyntz

i never knew
 love could hurt you
through and through
ransacking your very core
shattering the truth of trust
the weight of a single teardrop  
can take the strongest to their knees

i never knew
passion can be a two-edged sword
one side shining so brightly
it blinds all rhyme and reason
the other merciless in its swath
your body and soul cut to pieces
  no longer recognizable 

i never knew
that being left behind
 devastates everything 
all that you hold dear in  life
vanishes like winter snow
the pain of loneliness 
has no equal  

i never knew
the lover in your arms
once beckoned  by the call of destiny
 will leave as surely as the morning tide 
 must flow from the bay
 that which is not to be
 can never ever  be

 but now i know