Written by: Eric Siedzikowski

Can it be so my only love
has me but to cherish a memory,
rather than to place me above
any heart that has ever set her free?
I take the final place of last
amid prizes of her loves she has won.
Might I interpret that all amassed
is despondent to the quotient of none.
Yet,careless is her soul that roams
long,beseeching that which is heaven-sent.
Frivolous;marks her quest unknown
for a glowing love,time renders unfervent.
If she looks behind her I shall be
true acolyte upon the brink of her past.
Beyond a love's ululate decree
she will hearken and see a love meant to last.

Circle the 1st letter of the 1st line,circle the 2nd letter of the 2nd line,3rd letter of the 3rd 
line,4th letter of the 4th line and so on until it spells out the name of a person.