Written by: Eric Siedzikowski

Though the curse of death decays my flesh
and rots my bones within.
Nothing on this earth shall quell the vibrancy
of my soul's gentle vim.
And for you my love I open my soul wide
to release all of that which is love.
May the moment of death come soon,granting
freedom to my heart from the pangs it endures longing
for the warmth of your embrace to remove
from me the coldness of the loss of love.
Only of you,and of no other have I
felt the fury of destiny's grasp.
The night closes in upon this wintry day
and leaves me open to thoughts of us when
we were young and breathless to our kiss.
I close my eyes and gently force the tears that
form behind imagining that you care for me.
And it is within that moment that the power
of destiny's grasp brings your mind to gather
around what was and what shall never be.