hopefully one day

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

Hopefully one day...they will see us 
not in the foolishly way,
but in the approachable way -
like my name was...Michael, Derrick, or Dave.
Why do you look at my people like...
we can never be no Bill Gates!!

But what will all the riches do...
if you aren’t happy and you don't have no truth mate!!
and when you run to the soul-train you always late!!
and when you knock on heaven's door no body dare open the gate!!

Hopefully one day....they won’t look at us like baits,
and have this big all debate
about throwing us in front of the lane,
or in front of the line...of the cold war;
lost souls is who they're looking for-
the ones that don't know Jesus,
and their life is really bored!!

Hopefully one day....my brothers and sisters
from evil will stay away,
and when the day comes
you'll be right awake,
because this one day is not to be debate-
like brides we must wait,
and be up to date;
when Jesus may....come!!!

hopefully one day!!! we all be taken away!!