Written by: Eric Siedzikowski

There is a moment that I have repined for
within the presence of a perpetual dream.
So faint to recall towards the mind's implore;
Though,finding vividness to bolster love's esteem.

And may I rent a shard of your imagination
to paint that beauteous vision of you and I
where a yesterday becomes now in kismet's invention
to folly mingling at points of destiny's eye.

We are indigenous to such a realm of bliss
which miraculously causes our sweltering kiss
to sustain through acumen of a fatherless time
that can discern no measure against a love so sublime.

So glibly I shall stipple upon the canvas of
your mind with eloquent words describing a special place
baring eglantines upon green hills where we make love
to the melody of birds in trees,with sunlight on your face.

A verity of our rapport is that we will be as one
within every sense imaginable to the flesh and soul.
Time has forged the chains leaving us bound to separation;
Though,never has our fondness of hearts grown bitter cold
behind the sable shroud of deceit that people weave.

Circle the 1st letter of the 1st line,circle the 2nd letter of the 2nd line,3rd letter of the 3rd 
line,4th letter of the 4th line and so on until it spells out a name.