A New Job For Rudolph

Written by: Milton Toran

Santa fired Rudolph,
for being a drunken slob;
They crashed into a mountain top,
that's how he lost his job!

Toys scattered here and there,
with Santa, reindeer and sleigh;
Rudolph barfed like a bugle,
childrens' hopes were dashed away!

Together, they found shelter,
huddled as one in a cave;
Santa called out to Rudolph...
"I'll kill you like a runaway slave!!"

Christmas came and went,
they were rescued in a week;
Santa was stiff as a popsicle,
the poor fellow could barely speak!

Back home at the 'Pole,
Santa was fuming and hot;
He called Rudolph to his office,
and fired him on the spot!

No one heard from Rudolph,
things were quiet as a mouse;
Someone says he's found a job,
shining atop of a lighthouse!