Written by: Shirley Madeleine

Walking in every countey
Searching in all corners
Walking night and day
But I haven't find the real love

Where? Where?
Tell me where it is
Tell me how much it cost
Tell me how will I get there

If someone knows
Can you please tell me
Please don't hesistate
Because I really need to know

Tell me
Why human heart
Are so fill with hatrid
Why we betrayed each other
Why peace don't exist among us

Tell me where is our human values
Tell me where is our human moral 
Tell me where has it all gone
Tell me really

Tell me did the wind of change has past
And took it all
Time is moving on
Time will wait for no one

Yesterday has already gone
Today is here 
And tomorrow what will happen
The past won't return back

But let's look forward
To our future
It is about time we change
Our attitude and our way of living
It is about time that we live
In love, peace, respect and harmony