the place of you

Written by: Blythe Journey

I need the key
crouching on the lonely steps
yearning to get in
to the place of learning you
splinters buried under my hungry nails
as I scratch at your love door
pressing my flushed cheek
of wanting you
against the cold window pane
of not knowing you completely
give me the key
to your desire and lust
so I can tie it around my wrist
with an earnest silk ribbon
and it will dangle
sweaty in my palm
with trembling hands
I will unlock you and crash in
anxiously pilfer through
the trinkets of your heart
I will hijack that treasure key
so I can rummage through your soul
pull out each drawer of your mind
I want to scramble through
the souvenirs of all you are
I must have the key
to the place of you