My playground.

Written by: Margaret Okubo

The yard  my world
Or so I’m told
Was where I spent my time
 Where this little lass
A tomboy too
Loved rolling in the grass.

Trees ladened with  mangoes
 yellowed with ripe
 A great temptation to this little child
 Who with a stone and David’s aim
 Brought mangoes  down Goliath

Playmates I had and many too
From chickens, birds and ducks
To puppies, pigeons, turkeys and cats 
Not to mention the upside down bats.

A sister and brother my siblings two
My sister’s a lady no sport for fun
My brother my follower was my ally won
He did what I told Him no questions asked
 But got many a spanking when we crossed the line.

The old hammock swung from a branch
That bellied and hung  
Quite low to the ground
For many a day both brother and I 
 swinging to and fro
did topple to the ground.

But best were the  moments
I  spent with God when we talked of many things 
while I blamed Him for  everything
that went wrong in my life
Oh those precious memories are the fabric of my life.