Written by: Hana Ryusaka

You sink deep.

Without even touching you,
I feel you ripple across my skin.
When your fingers move, I feel them
curl around mine -burning across
all the obsolete space between us-

I'm always having to 
swallow my heart back,
clenched teeth shoving rebellion
down my throat. Nothing but a 
raw excuse for flesh-
because somehow you've 
completely enveloped that as well.
All the life juice is drained out, now.
I'm pumping you through my veins
and you're such a poor substitute for blood,
seeping fire through all my bones 
while they crack with anticipation, 
melting marrow
into your upturned mouth.
And I don't even think you know it.

I've become this trembling torn-corner
flutter of crimson,
with your face in my mind
and your eyes filling mine
and all available edges, lashes and 
fingertips knitted to yours.
and your voice trying to weld all
the broken things back together.

You sink deep.