The debt trap

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

Being in debt may be the norm in society today
But I’ve had my share, and lessons learnt NO WAY.
There are good debts and debts we should try to avoid
Although it’s a choice one should make the whole concept
Make me so annoyed. 

The debt cloud hangs over our head, and takes its toll,
A snake in the grass, a subtle destroyer can be.
Easy to get in, but much harder to get out if not discipline
And have self control. It can form a stronghold, but the aim
Is to be free.

I write from experience, and that’s the way it should be,
Who feels it knows all about it the same. My experience
Is a blue print, for all who will take heed? The benefits 
Far outweigh the consequences, it can be daunting when
To creditors you have to plead.