Not Merely the Eye

Written by: Donna Golden

Billowing, foamy currents

     Lofty, turquoise drifts
          Undulate as waves

               Rage through the calm of heaven

                    As the golden stalks

                         Bend in fields below

                               Like hungry fire consuming

                                    All life in its path 

                                         Seemingly engulfed

                                              The cypresses are the same;
                                                   Ensnared in the grip

                                                        Of restless fury

                                                             By the skyward, emerald flame

                                       Would Vincent approve

                                            Of his brilliant work

                                                 Being perceived violently?

                                                      I am oft' amazed

                                                           How a piece of art

                                                                Takes on a life of its own 


                                                                          Lives within the heart

                                                                               And soul of the beholder

                                                                                    Not merely the eye

Vincent Van Gogh's painting, "Yellow Wheat and Cypresses" was my inspiration.

For submission in Abe Lopez' contest, "Van Gogh's Van Goghs".