Strength In Love

Written by: Jay Smith

Days went by,
Addictions grew,
I loved to get high,
When I met you,

Still I continued,
Didn't care at all,
But then you cried,
So I answered your call,

I felt so bad,
I wanted to run,
Seeing you like that,
I thought we were done,

Took you for granted,
I blew it again,
I was so stupid,
I couldn't breathe when,

You broke up with me,
I couldn't help but cry,
I didn't want to live,
I wanted to die,

I wanted to suffer,
Ever so much more,
Than any other pain,
Or misery before,

I died in my own way,
I knew I'd done wrong,
So for the sake of us,
I tried to be strong.

Tears in my eyes,
I spoke to you,
I said no lies,
My words were all true.