The Beginning

Written by: Bruno Simmons

 The beginning of birth, the beginning of life, that
special moment, when you first open your eyes.

The beginning steps, quirky and funny, soon
mastered, eventually running.

The beginning's are beautiful, as is the case with love. 
That first kiss, first look; as if from heaven above.

The beginning conversatios, where it seems you have
everything in common, you come up with pet names
like, baby and pumpkin.

The beginning, where it seems neither can do no wrong; 
what a coincidence, you even like the same songs.

The beginning, can a love seem stronger? It's like there's 
no other way, this has to be forever.

The beginning, something to always remember, for when
you pass that point, it's a memory to treasure.

The beginnings, sometimes not heaven sent because,
though beautiful in the beginning, pain filled in the end.