Written by: Prince Freakasso

Meandering horizontally,through a wide open chasm,
Inundated to a depth you can't really fathom.
Unlike a stream,this aint no dream;
When she reaches the rapids,you'll have no chance to scream.
With undercurrents so strong and a distance so long,
To search for your remains the people will throng.
Devoid of swell or rollers,breakers and surf;
Her hydrodynamics make her queen of the turf.
Expect no gurgle or babble,a swash or a spurt;
If you dont watch out it will cause you some hurt.
Not a ripple,no surge;not the tiniest creep:
The stiller her surface....the more she runs deep.

                                              --- Princefreakasso
                                                  {Artist and poet}

P.S. This poem is dedicated to Brian Strand,
       a wonderful person and as fine a poet can be.