Running Naked

Written by: Dorian Petersen Potter

(humorous poem) 

I left my pants somewhere 
I can't seem to find them anywhere. 
I have looked every place I know 
Everywhere high and low 

But still I can't find them 
This are my special pants 
They're not the best looking ones 
They're not the kind to flaunt around! 

Yet I don't worry if they look that bad 
I still like my old comfortable pants 
I also own a pair of worn out t-shirts 
That they match this old pants I want 

So I better keep searching for my pants 
If I can't find them soon I'll be very mad 
Cos I need them immediately very bad 
So I don't have to run naked all thru the house! 


Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

August 30, 2009