Written by: Ismael Nieves

My heart-beat drums of love and charm.
O' hear the voice of love that sings a sweet song.
Listen to the songbird's *dulcet serenade and dawning alarm,
and reply, oh lovebird, with a lovesick *tongue.
Liberate thy spirit of love my dear *marm,
and respond! respond! yes respond with a passion so strong.
Release a seductive hymn to embrace my heart with its fiery melodic arm 
so an overwhelming fervor follows along.
Oh! incinerate the shell of my heart 'til my soul be visibly nude and disarm',
thus revealing the *candescent embodiment of sensations which lives among.
Certainly, I want to be caress and loved by Love's delicious swarm.
So, Queen of hearts, bombard the core of my soul 'til it be in awe!-- experience I long.  

*dulcet--(esp. of sound) sweet and soothing
*tongue--refers to speech
*marm--variation of madam
*candescent--glowing red-hot

(Poem for John Heck contest)