Written by: Bruno Simmons

I dream in shades gray as life passes me by, I’ve lost
the color and wonder, deeply I sigh.

Alone and in solitude, for eleven years this road I tread,
memories fade and I age, til their gone this I dread.

Institutional walls of gray and it’s system dance a jig on 
my soul, so close to institutionalized, losing myself deeper
in this fold.

Violence and stringency, a crazy combination; on the surface
control, below all’s illusion.

A cry in the night from a dream of my past, nine more to go
until color at last.

But for now my seas are gray, the rain clouds too. My pen
my only avenue, for my soul I wish to soothe.

Gray clouds and rain, a constant familiar. I brood on my
thoughts; anger simmers.

Simmering to the surface like a toxic sludge. My anger spills 
over, on all that is lost.

Lost in my mania, skipping along the edge. Gray and depressed,
myself I dread.