Written by: Steve Malebranche

It is that point in time 
When you must grow, 
For much more maturity 
You must show 
I have saved you once, twice 
And of course more than thrice, 
But I can't continue to save you 
for the rest of your life. 
At the sound of a shriek 
I have come full blast, 
At the sound of a whisper 
I have come even faster. 
There are times when you call 
When there's nothing a matter, 
You just needed to vent 
Because no one will listen to your chatter 
My gift is that I try to save 
Every man, woman and child 
My curse as you don’t understand is 
To that life, I have become a slave 
No rest, no sleep, no time to breathe 
What am I to do, im so confused 
Because saving lives is the right thing to do 
I look for a friend someone to show they care 
But it is to no avail for my love 
I have with no one to share 
remember the time when I called out to you, 
but like everyone else you failed to respond, 
thought you’d be there in a rush, 
guess it’s my own fault for expecting too much 
i called out for help just a little request 
But you turned the other cheek 
Because you said you needed your rest 
I figured when I ran to your rescue 
When those guys were attempting to hurt you 
That you would run to my rescue 
And at least do half of what I do 
Because ungrateful each of you have been 
Taking advantage was your greatest sin 
Did you care when I laid in bed 
With a pain oh so great 
Oh hes superman he can't get hurt 
In a couple of minutes 
He will turn back to great 
But now you must suffer each on your own 
Because not one inch of growth 
you have truly shown 
The unthinkable has occurred 
The one thing you all dread 
You must all stand alone 
Because im here to tell you 
Superman is dead