Nutshell No More

Written by: Cody Turner

Nutshell we would play
A song that’s hard to hear today
So many memories
So many thoughts
It’s a song I haven’t quite forgot

Together we would play
Strumming our instruments everyday
Singing with our hearts out aloud
Even though there was never a crowd

But together we would play
Stuck in nutshells we would stay
My strings are now out of tune and rusty
His guitar will never again be played

Our song has died with him
Nutshells all seem to fade
This song that we played
Has reached the end of its day

Like Nutshells in the song
I know you’re never gone
So let the sand cover your face
Leave at peace from this place

But always remember our song
Wherever in heaven you may roam
Sing it to yourself when alone
We will one day sing together
When God calls me home

So now your gone
My tears will continue to pour
I will always remember our song
But to me Nutshell is no more