TexasCowboyIsh's Bio

Written by: JW Fellers

                Spending a lifetime on the Texas Panhandle prairies in and around Amarillo 
exposes a feller to a unique life style.

	As a youngster and continuing into early manhood, I flirted with the aggregation 
of words to captivate the attention of any audience that would listen; whether that audience 
was a girl, the guy’s, or just whomever would listen. To be honest though, mostly just to 
gather attention. 

	To lasso words with a pen, corral them within the confines of a margin, and brand 
them for my own is a thought that just came to me within the past couple of years. Though I 
was exposed to Cowboy Poetry my entire life, the honored title of a Cowboy Poet was for 
some of my close friends and others, but not a title I considered for myself.    

	Since making the decision to become a Cowboy Poet, I have performed my own 
original poetry from Eastern Tennessee, through-out Texas, up through Illinois, across to 
Idaho, down through Utah to Southern California, and many, many point’s in-between. 

	I’ve been honored to accept many awards from the International Library of 
Poetry, the International Society of Poets, the American Poets Society just to name a few. I 
have some of my works published in books, on CD’s, in magazines, newspapers, newsletters 
and of course many websites.

                                                 JW ~ TexasCowboyIsh
                                             Copyright ©: May 04th, 2001