Written by: Karla Null

Today I prayed to God and cried.
Thousands of innocent people have died,
by a senseless heinous act,
thats become an international fact.

Our country was violated by evil men,
who thought they had a reason to sin
against our people and our pride,
to die as cowards by our side.

Our airplanes crashed like plastic toys,
creating mass destruction and noise.
The towers ,tall, began to rumble.
On national TV we saw then crumble.

Our people are trying to understand,
how this can happen in a free land.
A land that has been a haven to all,
has fallen victim to someones gull.

I see fellow humans in terrible pain.
I wonder what the perpetrator had to gain.
Was it to injure our countries heart,
or to have terrorism, tear us apart.

Heartache and prayer cover our nation.
People are screaming for justification.
So many people helping each other,
working together as sister and brother.

Much was taken in a short time,
yet, more was gained from this crime.
We have become united as one,
realizing, what this tragedy has done.

Acts of kindness and heroism are our fate.
Love reins far stronger than hate.
Evil tried to grab a hold,
goodness previals, we will not fold.

September 2001