Poor Roofuss

Written by: Cody Turner

Poor Roofuss
By Cody Brandon Turner

I once knew a pig
A good pig friend of mine
A pig by the name of Roofuss
A pig that was fat but was kind
A pig who was my best friend
A Pig in which I have not spoke of
For a very long time
At my Granddaddy’s farm
In a pen where he would lay
I would always go and visit him
And pet him everyday
A big old fat pig
A big ole pile of pork
A farmers dream my granddad would say
As he teased and taunted me 
By holding a big shiny fork
As the seasons past
Getting fatter every single day
My good friend Roofuss the Pig
Never seemed to go away 
Until one Sunday morning after church
 To my granddaddy’s we would head
 I sat down and ate breakfast
Toasted bread, Bacon and Eggs
I asked my granddaddy 
If I could see Roofuss today
So that I could give him a hug 
And pet him on his head
With a small smirk on his face he said 
“Buddy Roofus is dead”
As I began to cry and loudly began to fuss
I took a big ole bite of bacon
And said “poor poor Roofuss”