The Reasons

Written by: Patricia Opel Jaye

The reasons why I stop crying when I reached up and touched the sky
I looked within and, said yes today I'll give life just one more try one more chance
to accomplish just about anything my life has taken on another meaning I stopped screaming

another chapter which gives me another reason to say here goes I stepped up
I let go I said I'm not going to cry no more I walked up and opened the door
to soar to achieve in what I believe in 

these are the reasons why my life matters my destiny is my decision my choice
my strides my risks my chances there is another reason I love myself it's the 
kind of love I thank god above for each day of my life for

when I'm gone and there are no more reason I can leave knowing while I walked 
this earth I always had a purpose I always tried to stride to have the will to be
the very best which created all the reasons for the rest of my life.