Seven Degrees - editted

Written by: Nadia Shahwan

Where to? Just to walk?
Dressed in long garment like ghost?
A question mark in purse… gold!?

She preferred a walk!
Missed her crooked edgy boat!
Just went to walk down the road…

Looking at picture
In the hands of the painter
Van Gogh’s mystery nurtured

He drew her prayer…
In her purse she did question
Why!? Was just a tough question 

Wondering how could
That happen in night’s second!
Hefty waters dashing… haunt!!

The chimney trembles!
An earthquake wakes up fixed days!
See a muddy unpaved ways?

Though all wide paved roads
Reach Britania’s bay… north?
Shown on left corner’s foot’s coy

Enlarge picture here…
Her garment is night-time sleep
See the shooting stars racing heap?
Umbrella is closed
Carried lest harsh rain is dropped
Fall signed surprises to roll…

The roof is breaking!
But picture of landscape’s tweak
Is seven degrees… earthquake’s squeeze!

What caused that earthquake?
Look close… hills’ dance! Wave!  
Tsunamis launch big headache…

The sun’s round high rays
Amazing view! Beneath slate!
Above roof tops water stays!

Can’t take my eyes off
That white house’ name looks… hello!
Van Gogh meant… white house we know..!

The cleverest knew
Floods and blubbers can dash through
The Atlantic Ocean’s see through..!

Since past styles distort
But now all styles run the show
The broken boat… does not flow!

The ark as in boat..!!
Seems like Noah’s ark… didn’t row!
Got broken on hills… the road!

Looks like Broken Wa-
gon town fits show on sheer Van
Gogh’s print… water’s sketch grade’s class!

Under her smooth feet 
Hilltops’ visage… very week...
Vast landscapes flattened… see here?

Till water recedes…
With hefty tears of few years
Trotting in Van Gogh’s tart dreams.
BY: Nadia F. Shahwan – September 2009.  The portrait of “White House at night” by Vincent
Van Gogh was the inspiration of my poem-Seven Degrees.