How "Mary Nagy" Became "Maggie"

Written by: Mary Nagy

I don't know how it happened. 
I'll never understand.
When I got married and changed my name
I was in wonderland! 

My maiden name was ''Gasiewicz''.
Say that one ten times fast! 
So when I became ''Nagy''
I thought...some peace at last! 

It seems an easy name...
I'm simply ''Mary Nagy''.
But somehow through the years...
they've turned me into ''Maggie''.

I have to laugh about it.
It happens all the time.
I guess it is just natural
when two names seem to rhyme.

I get it in my daily life...
''Hello, How are you Maggie? ''
I just chuckle to myself
and say ''I'm Mary Nagy''.

I didn't think I'd get that 
mistake here on the net.
But, yep, It's happening again...
''Hi, I'm Maggie. Have we met? ''