Get Thee Behind Me

Written by: Roxanne Schroeder

I'm trying...REALLY hard.
And that's the problem.
I'M trying, I'm not letting God help.  
Which means Satan is trying to get me.
"Get thee behind me Satan.  There's no room for you here."
"Yes there is, let me in, you know you want to.  That God of yours, he's no fun.  Come on 
let's sip a little rum."
"Get thee behind me Satan.  I don't want to live my life in fear.  There's no room for you 
"Sure there is darling, let's go have a beer."
"God, please, please, PLEASE HELP ME.  I need you, I need you near, Satan, he's here, I 
can't push him out alone."
"Roxanne, it's just a little sip...come on, you know you want it, let's take a little trip."
"I do want it.  That's what scares me.  I have made it so far, and I have God to thank for it, 
and right now I could so easily blow it."
"Do it then.  What's stopping you?  We could be so great together.  Come to me."
"Well, maybe...NO, NO, NO!  Get the behind me Satan.  You are NOT welcome here.  My 
heart has no room for you, there's just enough room for my Lord and Savior dear."
The Truth makes free and Lord you are the Truth indeed.
Thank you for helping me overcome this difficult battle, and Lord, if this battle rise again, 
please protect me from it, beginning to the end.  Amen.