My Father, My Hero

Written by: Sarah Frieman

So many heroes, I have know
So many heroes’ names untold
The greatest still is kind
Loving and even smarter then he knows
He holds the love of so many
But no one loves him more then I
His oldest Daughter, Sarah Jho

So many lives have change for the words he wrote
Some find it hard to believe such beautiful words come from
A man who stutters so very bad
But make no mistake the most amazing poet of our day
Stutters as he tries to read the words he wrote

The greatest hero I have know has overcome so many pains
He battled drugs most of my life
Now years clean and he is back in my life
Hepatitis was the next test
But with no surprise as I knew he would
 He won that test
But saddened still nerves
Would die and he can labor no more and he feels a useless foal
But my hero do not worry for what God has in store

For a poet’s hands are meant to write
Hold a pen, and dance on paper
To create a piece of art
God has chosen a new path for my hero’s life