Are We Superior

Written by: norman littleford

We think we're so superior
we reason and we choose,
but we only use these attributes
to argue and confuse.

In olden days we would give thanks
for beauty, sight and health,
now these are taken for granted
and all we want is wealth.

We are all individuals
and all have our own beliefs,
but any society only works
if the people have faith in it's chiefs.

Religion should be a good thing
belief in your God should be strong,
but we pit Gods against one another
and that has to be totally wrong.

Don't push your beliefs upon others
though sometimes the young can be taught,
you can't force someone to think as you do
any more than your dreams can be bought.

Why not come together as a species
take an equaul share of the blame,
then put a stop to all these wars
most of which are fought in Gods name.