Mona Lisa resembles

Written by: Nadia Shahwan

One more question… say
Could Mona resemble mount?
Appearing as a huge fount!

Could Lisa… if so 
Resemble Li? A black horse!
The prettiest mount of all?

In Lishan’s bliss lap
Where hot springs foil blissful map
Lisa taken from Lishan?!

Lastly, could Mount Li
Be mirror mount in Far East
When Columbus spews soil’s meek?! 

But I wonder how
Accurate old paintings are
Keys of clues for clever dart!

Awakening sleep-
ing giants in Middle East?!
A smart name! World’s deep history

Da Vinci did see
The beginning of the bliss
Future coming so fast… twinge?

It’s time to plant seeds
Of grains to bloom hefty pints
Of harmony beading fizz

Two thousand twelve… cheer
When peace makers garb the queer
With profound peaceful prayer… 

Stampeding ugly 
Prayers… so that “Sweet Rhyme” brings
Chaste lands together in peace.
By: Nadia F. Shahwan – September 2009.  This poem has been inspired through observing the
portrait of Mona Lisa by Da Vinci.