The Truth

Written by: nicole dudley

My trust you have betrayed,
You just had to go and get laid,
And spit in my face.

The memories of us I have erased,
You crushed me! 
But soon I will heal ,
And see that your feelings weren't real,
And see that you wern't a big deal.

I will pick myself back up and move on,
Walking around even more strong,
I am too independent for you,
I don't need someone who is un true.

I wasted my time on an ugly disastear, 
I wish I would have realized it faster.

you could never give me what I wanted,
You just kept tearing me down,
Spinning my head around,
In all the wrong directions.

Your as fake as the ring you put on my finger,
I just let you linger.

At least I know I left a mark on your empty heart,
Just remember I am the best you ever had.