Red White and Blue.

Written by: Robert Ball

A banner of red, white and blue.
Purchased by many,
And given to me and you.

War and struggle;
Man against man,
So we can live peacefully,
All over this land'

There's a freedom that brings peace within.
Knowing the price was paid for my sin.
This also came at a great cost,
God's only Son nailed to a cross'

Again, the colors red, white, and blue,
Remind us of this freedom too'
Red makes  me think of His Blood that was shed'
White is the righteousness flowing down from my Head.

Blue stands for royalty- the King of all Kings'
It's because of His grace my heart sings.
So next time you see our flag unfurled.
Think of the great freedom for all the world.

Yes, we live in a free, mighty nation,
But the fullest freedom of all,
Is found in Salvation.

Let joy fill your heart as you see our banner wave,
Knowing it can also represent peace,
Once we are saved'
Freedom' wrapped in Love-
A gift to us from our Father above'

                                                   Arthur Ball(H.S.L.P.)
                                                   July 7, 2002