My Sunny Sky

Written by: Ruben O.

To my Daughter
Still my little child

                                              Through your light blue eyes I am in heaven 
                                              they smooth my existence with its pure look
                                              there're eight wonders in the World not seven
                                              spirited pressence flowing as a brook
                                              Catching my poor heart with your golden hook
                                              since I held you in my arms for first time
                                              proud and lost for your beauty was sublime

                                              It seems like yesterday but time has passed
                                              the bud suddenly bloomed and shines... and glows
                                              jealousy is my struggle to the last
                                              Before you my Queen... my Angel I bow
                                              laughing life twenty years in a row
                                              under the rain against the wind we walk 
                                              and trust...we have no secrets to unlock
                                              My sweetest dream my muse my Tinkerbell
                                              sprinkling your fairy dust to make me fly
                                              to last forever my love for you swells
                                              and my life has sense and sound Sunny Sky
                                              Any pain any lament any sigh
                                              I'd like to keep from you and thus I pray
                                              begging God for you every night and day