Write Now!

Written by: Trudy Diane Rider

I sit and stare at empty page
my mind a big black hole
my pencil sharp and at  the ready
as if I’ve no control

then words begin to form
my pencil flits and flies
and rhyming words, oh how
my mind is really tried

It kind of makes my head rush
I do not want to brag
but writing never seemed more fun
than in the days of “poetry tag”

When poets gathered in a room
a topic then was given
the poet pounded out a poem
like they were truely driven

I miss those days of poetry tag
inspiration came to me
on fairy wings and moon beams
hearts bared for all to see

Fot Matt's Write now contest
started at 7:22pm and finished at 7:33pm on August 20 2008
I write long hand.... :-)