Whats the point of love?

Written by: Ashley Beaudre

Whats the point of love
if it only brings you tears?
Wether it be a few glorious months
or going on several years.
You'll either get a broken heart
when he leaves for someone new, 
or at last death shall do you part
and you'll loose the one who loved you.
Whats the point of love?
I'm sure its easier to deny
the feelings that grow inside of me, 
but that would be living a lie.
It might feel right now, 
but when its said and done
it will be a waste one time
when we're back at square one.
Whats the point of love?
Its too bitter sweet. 
But I guess its time that I give in
and finally admit defeat.
My hearts been taken over, 
and I know it will get crushed.
But I'd go through it all again
just to feel his rush.