60th Anniversary

Written by: Ashley Beaudre

"Once upon a time..."
every story starts that way.
Grandkids often listen
about stories from old days. 

"I walked that route to my old school, 
my oldest brother and me, 
and then I joined the Air force.
We traveled, your Grandma and me."

"I used to work at a root beer stand."
Grandma tells us, as we whine
about how gas prices are going up, 
"I took the bus, and made nickels and dimes."

Their story is like a country song, 
in love through the years.
And then it dawned upon me, 
their 60th anniversary is near!

I'll be married soon myself.
I hope we're just like them. 
Two important people in my life, 
I'm glad they took to him.

They go beyond their call of duty
with everyone they know. 
Sacrifices and little things, 
not enough appreciation shown. 

Grandma, we love your tasty treats, 
and Grandpa, your bright orange hat!
Thanks Grandma for sewing up my jeans, 
thanks Grandpa for my baseball bat!

But also, more importantly, 
thank you for your love.
To us, and to each other.
The Lord shines on you from above.