Written by: Manoj Kumar

I looked into the eyes of a dying child 
And asked her if there was anything I could do
Anything that may lessen the pain
Anything that would make her forget
She said, “ Sing for me, Oh! stranger
Sing in that beautiful voice of yours
Sing till I pass away in peace
Sing for me, Oh! Please do.”
I sang in a voice trembling with fear
Laden with sadness and pain
I sang about God, his glory
About God’s ways of which we know nothing
As the song ended, she smiled that little sad smile
And asked in a voice ever so frail
“ If there is a God, then why am I here
Have I lived my life? Answer me this
What are his plans, so grand, that don’t let me live
Is my death part of a greater truth?”
Saying this she closed her little eyes
Squeezed my hand with her tiny hands
And let out her last little breath
And looked radiant even in death.