Written by: Steve Malebranche

I stepped in the club with a reluctant heart
Because of what i was going through
I sat and surveyed all my surroundings
Wondering what am i going to do

So many to the left with barely anything on
Walking around with a beautiful flaunt
Even more to the right with even less on
Claiming they can provide anything that you want

One after another would come and ask
To give me the pleasure of getting a dance
One after another i would turn them down
For this was not my idea of true romance

But there was one that caught my eye
One peaked my perverbial interest
She was dancing on this one guy
For it was like poetry in motion

The way her hips would wind
The way she gave that smile
The way she would lick those lips
It was as if heaven were dialed

They say when you look into someones eyes
You can tell eveything about them
As i stared into those beautiful brown eyes
I can see from her true beauty does stem

Inside and out from top to bottom
There is no comparison or a match
you would think by my words she would be a phantom
But no she is just the perfect catch

She is known as Jasmine to some
With the beautiful cocoa butter skin
Shes also known as Jessica according to where shes from
Or anywhere else that she has been

But to me she is so much more
she is the one with the smile that lights up my day
She is the one with the voice that gives me peace at night
she is the one with the beautiful complexion
She is the one that is considered simply perfection