Lost Love Musical

Written by: Roxanne Schroeder

Your voice...was music to my ears.
It used to be my escape.
And now I have no escape.
Songs that used to help ease the pain, now inflict the pain.
You've ruined my music.  Ruined my escape.  Most importantly, you ruined ME.
I've always had trouble opening up and getting close to anyone.
It always leads to too much heartache and pain.
I thought maybe this time was different.  
For that, I am a fool.
I am to the point where I am beginning to give up.
I used to believe in love.
Now I'm not sure if I will again, or if I ever really did.
This hole in my heart keeps getting bigger and bigger.
And it's getting harder and harder to let anyone in, because I am afraid.
Afraid that the next person to hurt me is going to make my heart cave in.
Leave me as an empty void.
Empty and alone.
Alone and empty. 
As usual.