michael jackson

Written by: stacey trolan

I say it was a gift from god the talent that bore your soul, it came so natural to you that from 
a young age you knew your lifes role.
you could sing so well but most of all you could dance.
 There are millions who would have loved to see you perform but never got the chance. 
your music has and will be around for many's a generation. it shouldn't be any other way as 
you worked so hard, you deserve the dedication.
However, you did have to witness some very tough times along the way.
but for those who put your life through so much distress, it will all fall back on them someday.
All because people could not understand you where just a child at heart.
 Reason being that you missed out on childhood as you had to perform music, right from the 
unfortunately for the rest of the world your life has been shortened and now you are gone, 
but one thing's for sure your legendary and music will forever live on.